"Sally cut through all of the noise" — D. Nguyen

"From Day one, Sally and I spoke the same language about workplaces. It’s not just about finding the right work, it’s about finding the right fit. And Sally cut through all of the noise, the stress and the worry that is entailed in job hunting and found me the right fit. I’ve always wanted to work in a creative studio with challenging work, great people and great work/life balance and for a while there, I didn’t think I would find anything…until Sally came along. I’m so grateful for all that she’s done to help me find the right fit!"

Duyen Nguyen—Producer

"Sally genuinely cares about her candidates." - C. Moore

"Sally genuinely cares about her candidates; she always makes sure that the opportunities she provides are the right fit. She keeps you constantly in the loop and is always available for advice or updates. She is very caring and honest in her approach, something that can be rare to find. Working with Sally has been a pleasure and I cannot recommend her enough."

Claudia Moore

Account Manager

"I can’t thank her enough for believing in me and finding me the perfect gig!" - M. Gonzalez

Sally came and helped me in my hour of need. She slips into my list of heroes in between Batman and Spiderman. When all hope was lost and the reality of being stuck in a job that was going nowhere set in, she reached out her hand and pulled me out the rubble which was my dying career and rescued me.

I can’t thank her enough for believing in me and finding me the perfect gig!

Michael Gonzalez Designer

"I cannot recommend TBE enough". - K. Northwood

“I have always been cynical of recruiters until I met Sally, and realised she came with industry experience and intuition that provided two candidates I hired immediately. I cannot recommend TBE enough, not only for their efficiency and professionalism but their impressive industry network and ability to select the perfect candidate for the role and the company they are working with.”

Kellie Northwood,


"Sally was the perfect tour guide in the journey that was starting a career." - R. Enders

"Sally was the perfect tour guide in the journey that was starting a career. She provides wisdom and support the whole way and carefully works to make sure you and the job are a match. Sally was the best possible support for a fresh graduate."

"I also can't stop saying how thankful I am for all of your help. You're a legend."

Rachel Enders

Communications Designer

"Sally always kept me in the loop" - Y Yong

"I still recall my very first phone conversation with Sally - it was full of warmth, positive energy, good laughs, and most importantly, she had my back from the get go. (Meeting her in person over coffee was no different, of course!)

Sally always kept me in the loop - our multiple phone calls, voicemails and email trails are a testament to how she makes herself available and approachable to anyone at all. At times, it was even during her time away! I went on a journey with Sally, from a few freelancing jobs to a full-time role that:

  1. Seemed to be made for me; and
  2. I am in love with. What a wonderful journey it was!

I am very appreciative of Sally, and will always be grateful that our paths crossed the way it did. Thank you Sally, from the bottom of my heart. Cheers to Sally and the team at The Brownbill Effect!"

Yeen Yong

Illustrator | Designer

"So far my experience with TBE has been wonderful and I look forward to what the future has in store for me.” - D. Hook

"I met Sally at an Alumni folio review night at CATC Design school in Melbourne, where Sally was participating in a ‘folio review: speed dating style’ event setup by the school.

Students had the chance to engage in a 10 minute 1 on 1 folio review with industry professionals and I was heavily encouraged to participate by a lecture of mine Patrick Rodriguez.

10 minutes was no where near enough time to get solid advice in my opinion, but Sally not only gave some very concise, thought clearing advice, but also an offer to join TBE as an assistant.

Since joining at the end of 2016 I have assisted 3 TBE photographers and have regular work with Andrew Richey & Ripe Studios. This work has advanced my knowledge of studio photography and lighting greatly, but also the little things which are hard to teach such as working with clients, problem solving in tough situations and the finer points of fashion and architectural photography.

So far my experience with TBE has been wonderful and I look forward to what the future has in store for me.”

Dominic Hook


“Sally is an absolute gun." - H Walker

“Sally is an absolute gun. Her knowledge of the creative industry is legendary and her advice has been invaluable. She’s persistent and not afraid to fight for you if she believes you’re a good fit for a role, which I’ve found so inspiring and really just helps me believe in myself and my own abilities. Her encouragement and support came at just the right time for me! Thank you Sally!”

Heather Walker

Junior Graphic Designer

Big Red

"Sal always looks our for your best interest" - S. Mohamed

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sally over the past 6 months as a freelancer. Sal always looks our for your best interest and continuously delivers what she promises. She’s constantly been able to find me work with a wide range of clients which has been great! I’m truly thankful my friend referred me to The Brownbill Effect when she did."

Sonia Mohamed

Freelance Finished Artist

"Sally is an absolute gem!" - M. Mac Sweeney.

"Sally is an absolute gem! I had never been through a recruiter agency before because I thought the process would be too hard but Sally was quick to prove me wrong. She got me set up on a contract position at Calvary Health Care National Office doing a range of creative jobs from metadata management to videography. Sally made the whole recruitment process a breeze by always being there to offer a helping hand for whatever I needed."


Meg Mac Sweeney

Metadata Management/Videography

Calvary Care - Sydney

"An absolute pleasure to deal with Sally" - A Edmonds

"Within one week of getting in contact with Sally Brownbill, I had a 2 month freelance contract.

Soon after the contract had finished, Sally forward my name for a full-time design job, which I am now working in!

Sally is enthusiastic about people working in creative industries and she is a great networker. It's been an absolute pleasure to deal with Sally at The Brownbill Effect, I highly recommend!"

Ali Edmonds, Graphic Designer

Ali E promo1_edit.jpeg

"Not only does Sal have the gift of the gab, she knows how to use it" - W Mace

You don’t have to be Einstein to understand why Sally called her business, The Brownbill Effect. She’s been flitting about like “Madame Butterfly” making meaningful connections within creative communities for as long as I can remember. Connections that now form an enviable network of talented people and businesses in Melbourne and beyond. 

Not only does Sal have the gift of the gab, she knows how to use it. Her smart, nimble, no-nonsense approach delivers everything you could want, whether you’re recruiting or seeking employment. That’s why Sal was my go-to-girl when she landed me my dream job. 

Wendy Mace
Retail Creative Director
Cummins and Partners Melbourne

"Sally is a delight. I’m thankful for everything she has done for me and she’s been nothing but supportive and helpful" - J Fernandez

I had the pleasure of meeting met Sally at a portfolio review during my graduating exhibition. Although our meeting was brief, she was genuine, she gave me sound advice and really got to know me. The design industry is a competitive one but Sally has helped me find full-time work twice in my career (once as a Junior Designer at an advertising agency and again as a Graphic Designer in a small in-house design studio respectively).  

She not only made the introductions and connections but helped me get to where I wanted to go. Sally is a delight. I’m thankful for everything she has done for me and she’s been nothing but supportive and helpful.

Johnny Fernandez
Graphic Designer

"I've got the perfect job for you" - J Erdogan

I first met Sally 3 years ago, I was fresh out of uni and stuck in an unpaid, un-rewarding graphic design internship. I walked through Sally's door looking for guidance and she told me very wisely "No one should ever work for nothing." After our meeting I moved on to become an art director for a market research firm. I loved the experience but after 3 years I needed a new challenge. I emailed Sally on a Monday crying for help and to my surprise she called me an hour later, she remembered who I was after all this time and said "I've got the perfect job for you"

The next morning after I had sent through my resume, Sally calls me again and says I have an interview for the following day. I had the interview and got the job the morning after. Now I'm working as a digital producer at a large advertising agency. Thank you Sally!

Jeyda Erdogan
Digital Producer